User Experience Design for Global consumer brands

January 22, 2021

Designing consumer and professional quality software with global brand is no easy task. This talk will cover the best practices to enhancing the user experience of commercial grade products from initial concept planning which applies to consistent brand design end-to-end user experience for new and existing MCU based products.

Attendees will learn tips gathered from 20 years of experience creating creative software applications and consumer devices and a dozen tips you can implement today as a designer, brand manager and team to scale global product lines from executing brand guidelines, bridging the gap between teams, and some technical tips for multi-language localization and implementation using vector-graphics techniques in Qt.

Learn how to listen to user experiences with a brand guide, how to iterate products, find specific ways to manage global product lines such as font types and deploy scalable design to multiple SKU lineups.


Keisuke Shingu, Director of User Experience, Sound United

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