Qt for MCUs: Quick Ultralite on Renesas RH850 D1M1/A

October 11, 2019

Qt for MCU for Automotive.

Full Digital Cluster on Microcontroller Renesas RH850

Digital Cluster for entry-level segment built with Qt for MCUs. 

◦ Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine 
◦ Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.
◦ Cluster UI controlled via CAN protocol
◦ App mimicking Steering wheel control running on Raspberry Pi (with CAN controller) sends CAN signals to RH850

◦ Deliver a rich user experience on resource constrained hardware
◦ Benefit from industry leading tools and benefit from integrated Design-Develop workflow


Download Qt for MCUs now www.qt.io/qt-for-mcus/ 


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