How FELGO enhances application development with Qt

December 15, 2019

For an application to comply with modern UX guidelines it needs to provide an optimized experience based on the target platform and input method. It should adapt the information shown (“adaptive layouts”) based on the available screen size. It is the details that determine if an application is just ok and usable, or outstanding. Outstanding products are what we should aim for – they get referred by users and build a positive bond with your customer. To reach an outstanding application, it needs to comply with these criteria: * Optimized UI based on screen size, target platform and user input * React instantly to user input * Use animations to highlight important parts of the applications and to improve the UX * Load data asynchronously and never block the UI thread for a smooth user experience * Cache data and assets and free the cache when the user does not need it any longer * Provide offline support and sync the data when the user has internet connection again * Get notified when there is a new update available Qt provides the basis for cross-platform and cross-device functionality. But best practices and guidelines for a combination of the above criteria are rare. So in this talk, we’ll show you how exactly we developed a real-world application fulfilling these criteria. The best practice application is optimized for Mobile Phone & Tablet, Desktop, Embedded and Web – while using a single shared code base. This talk is intended for participants with a software development background. We will guide you through the solved problems with code samples which you can use and apply in your daily job. And enables you to make Qt applications with higher quality and move your product to the next level.

TALK: Aim High: How to Make Top Quality Qt Applications

SPEAKER: Alexander Leutgoeb & Christian Feldbacher


TRACK: Application Development

Talk recorded at the Qt World Summit 2019 event in Berlin. #QtWS19 November 2019 - BCC 

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