Qt Quick : Don't make these mistakes!

December 15, 2019

 In the last nine years basysKom has provided “rescue services” for numerous Qt Quick projects. This talk presents a moody retrospective – offering the audience the unique opportunity to learn from the failure of others. Once upon a time we all started our first QML project. The first impression being “wow, that was easy!”. We were full of joy, believing in the quickness and broad simplification that Qt Quick would bring into our lifes. Widgets were so done that most of us forgot that they even existed. The future was touchable, quick, bright and shiny. Qt Quick projects grew from a first small patch of code into green gardens, prospered into parks, … and sometimes they grew into wild jungles ruled by darkness; where wild roots and thick undergrowth stopped every movement, where the trees of objects grew so heavy on the memory of our targets that shipping down the river of production was as unlikely as seeing the sun at the north pole in winter times… Based on our project experience this talk will present a sightseeing tour of several close encounters for projects involving Qt Quick. It will dig for the root causes and apart from a good laugh we will provide the audience with sustainable solutions. Those can be adapted or adopted to avoid growing a jungle in the first place.

TALK: Qt Quick – What Could Possibly Go Wrong…

SPEAKER: Jeremias Bosch

COMPANY: basysKom

TRACK: Application Development

Talk recorded at the Qt World Summit 2019 event in Berlin. #QtWS19 November 2019 - BCC 

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