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The Qt Crystal Ball | Qt Virtual Bootcamp 2014

Speakers: Lars Knoll – Qt CTO and Qt Project, Chief Maintainer, The Qt Company & Nils Christian Roscher Nielsen – Sales Engineer, The Qt Company Level: All Abstract: We are experiencing a fantastic worldwide uptake for Qt with several new releases and most notably the introduction of the Qt for Android and iOS ports. Now, Qt is entering a new dimension of awareness in the minds of not only software developers, but also hardware vendors in a variety of industries, who are looking for a development framework that can support their future technology strategy. This talk will focus on a high-level bird’s eye view of Qt’s technological vision as well as the role a united ecosystem plays in that quest. It will give insights into which areas The Qt Company is driving the technology, what to expect in terms of features and how they map to solutions for not only today’s but tomorrow’s rapidly changing development requirements, and as always, give an overview of upcoming releases.