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Qt 5.10 for Renesas RZ/G: More value for your HMI applications {On-demand webinar}

In automated environments, such as factories, the playing field is changing at an exponentially accelerating pace, including the state of device infrastructure, application complexity and, last but not least, development. This means that it is more important than ever when starting a new project that how the hardware and software work together is taken into account early in the development process. Join Stefan Rank, Senior Staff Engineer from Renesas, and Michele Rossi, Product Manager from The Qt Company, to discuss how our two companies are working together to help you more easily develop HMI applications for automation. We will discuss ways that Renessas’s RZ/G,a family of high end ARM Cortex A15/A7 MPUs with GPUs, can be used with Qt for Automation to help improve performance. We will also review some of Qt’s modules built specifically to help make development for automation easier, such Qt MQTT and Qt KNX Protocol, VNC support, Qt WebGL TP and more.