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Run and build your first Qt application for QNX RTOS {On-demand webinar}

In this webinar, Sami and Tommi will teach you how to set up and deploy a Qt application to a QNX image. You will learn how to set up the QNX7 software development platform (SDP), how to modify the board support package (BSP) build scripts to support Qt, how to deploy the Qt libraries, and how to launch and debug an application. If you want to follow along building a Qt-compatible QNX image, you will need to have the following in place: • QNX 7.0 Software Development Package • QNX Board Support Package for your hardware Both are available from the QNX Software Center. We will use an Intel NUC as a demo device. Speakers: Sami Nurmenniemi, Senior Software Engineer, EMEA, The Qt Company Tommi Pekkala, Thesis Worker, The Qt Company