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QtWS17 - What's new in Qt 3D? Sean Harmer, KDAB

Qt 3D is a rapidly evolving module within Qt. There are lots of new features appearing with each new release to continue expanding what Qt 3D can do out of the box. Engineers from KDAB and The Qt Company have been hard at work over the last months (and will be for some time to come yet) adding in some of the most frequently requested features. In this talk we will take a tour of some of the more prominent features added to Qt 3D and take a peek at what is coming in Qt 5.10 and beyond Qt 3D in Qt 5.8/5.9: • Embedding Qt Quick within Qt 3D to make overlays or interactive displays in your 3D worlds • Physically Based Rendering support for intuitive materials and realistic lighting • Key frame animation support to breathe life into your entities • Level of Detail (LoD) support for better performance • 2D and 3D text support directly in Qt 3D Qt 3D in Qt 5.10 and beyond • Skeletal animation support to animate parts of your entities in an intuitive way • Physics simulation and collision detection • Graph based shader generation for dynamic material shaders • Virtual Reality support