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QtWS17 - RESTful API description languages, Alexey Rusakov

Public APIs are taking the world by the storm, with REST being a popular pattern for anything that faces the Web. Good public APIs usually have a formal definition that can be consumed by humans as well as computers, written in one of RESTful API Description Languages (ADLs). Unfortunately, when it comes to generating API stubs from an ADL, C++ turns out to be a second-class citizen. The talk will first browse over most used RESTful ADLs from a Qt client application developer’s standpoint. Then the author will share his experience of dealing with an API for the Matrix collaboration platform that has a definition in Swagger/OpenAPI format; in particular, making a C++ code generator for OpenAPI. Finally, a question of OpenAPI and other ADLs usability in lower-level areas such as IoT will be raised and, with the help of the audience, hopefully answered.