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QtWS17 Qt for gesture control and body tracking applications, Sascha Klement, Gestion

Many advanced automotive concepts for the next decade make use of smart sensors. More and more imaging sensors get into cars, today mostly focussing on the outside of the vehicle – road, traffic, pedestrians. Sensors focussing on the driver will allow for additional comfort and safety applications to detect drowsiness and distraction, to optimise airbag deployment, to manage the hand-over between autonomous and non-autonomous driving and to allow for advance HMI concepts based on gesture control. gestigon – now a Valeo brand – has developed in the last 6 years systems for gesture control and behavior tracking based on 3D sensors, image processing and machine and deep learning. Sascha will talk about how Qt has been used from the beginning to simplify and accelerate the development process both for the core architecture and the supplementary tools.