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QML For C++ Developers by Bo Thorsen, Viking Software at QtWS17

This presentation is for those of you either have no previous Qt knowledge and need some help with getting started on the right track with QML. And it is for those of you who have been a Qt coder for years, but never done any real QML work, and think widgets is still the proper way to do UIs. I will try to convince you that QML is actually useful and maybe even worth your time. QML and Qt Quick are two related topics that an all round Qt developer must at least understand. There are strengths and weaknesses in QML as well as in widgets, and if you only use one of those, you will not completely use all the power that Qt offer to you and your users. The most important part of this presentation is that I will try and help you understand how to think in the proper style of QML. It’s a very different language and mindset, when coming from a C++ point of view, and it takes some time to fully understand the way to think. And looking at examples only gets you some of the way, because those are usually so small that it’s hard to imagine how QML is actually useful for writing large user interfaces. I will show you how to get started with QML based projects – where should files go, how do you work with Qt Creator, how should I approach the development of these things, etc. This will give you a foundation for your daily life with the QML code. I will also help you with the foundations of how to build the QML code. How to structure it properly, how to do encapsulation, and how to modularize the code for reuse. Finally, I will talk about what parts of the project should remain in C++, and how the C++ and QML layers will communicate.