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QtWS17 - Practical Qt Lite, Frank Meerkötter, basysKom

Qt Lite is an initiative driven by The Qt Company striving for smaller and leaner Qt builds. It utilizes the new configuration system introduced with Qt 5.8 to create custom builds stripped of features or classes that aren’t needed for a given application. Focus is mostly on Embedded Linux with the goal of making Qt a feasible option on smaller systems. Qt Lite consists of two parts: The first part are changes to the Qt source code and configuration system itself to allow for compiling certain aspects out. This is part of the Open Source code base. The second part is a UI tool to manage build configurations and is part of “Qt for Device Creation”. This presentation will look at the current state of affairs for both sides and provide guidance on how to work with Qt Lite on your own. The talk will introduce the goals and challenges of Qt Lite. It will show how to create custom Qt builds using both the Qt for Device Creation tooling, as well as the basic configure script only. Afterwards we will take a look under the covers how Qt Lite is implemented on top of the configuration/build system to enable users to resolve build issues on their own. We will also share some benchmarks numbers on possible size reductions, usage strategies as well as potential pitfalls and future directions. Watch more about Qt Lite Learn more about Qt Lite in Qt 5.9 LTS