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One Developer—Three Products, Three Platforms, Imaginando

Back in June 2014, when I started my company I had one single product. Its name was LIVKONTROL and it was available for iOS and Android, with two distinct code bases. Qt for mobile was giving its first steps and I had a terrible decision in my hands: how can I develop new features on my only product, for both platforms, keeping visual and behaviour coherence in a small time frame? This was a turning point. I deciced to build a new product to test Qt for mobile capabilities. In just one and half months I was able to develop a new app from the scratch that was working consistently across two different platforms: iOS and Android. TKFX was born (September 2014). After ensuring myself that it was possible to achieve solid results I decided to refactor my existing product (which was quite complex already) and after 9 long months I have released the first version of LK (March 2015). After two successfull product creations from the ground up I was convinced of one thing: Qt was by far the most quicker way of building and deploying an app I ever used. This lead me to an even bigger challenge: create a synthesizer that would be available for iOS, Android and Desktop (as a VST / Audio Unit plugin). DRC was launched at March 2016 and today is considered by users one of the most beautiful sounding virtual analog synth available on the market. In this talk I will share the challenges of being a solo developer with three products on the market that runs on three platforms and how only Qt could make it possible.