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QtWS17 - Modern Graphics APIs in Qt: Vulkan and friends, Laszlo Agocs, The Qt Company

With the release of version 5.8, Qt’s increasing focus on modern graphics APIs other than OpenGL became apparent. However, due to the wide scope and range of graphics-related Qt modules and subsystems, questions like “Does Qt support graphics API N?” often cause confusion and can lead to misunderstandings. For example, Qt 5.10 will have support for OpenVG, Direct3D 12, and Vulkan in addition to OpenGL, but only for certain components of the framework. Therefore, in this talk we are going to take a look at graphics API usage in Qt in general, including some recently introduced, less well-known interop enablers that bridge the 3D and 2D worlds. We believe that such an overview can provide valuable input not just to developers, but also to those more on the management side of things, since it can help avoiding potential traps when planning, setting up and architecting new projects. Last but not least, a hands on introduction will be given to one of Qt 5.10’s big new features: the cross-platform Vulkan enablers that allow integrating Vulkan rendering into certain Qt applications on Windows, Linux and Android.