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QtWS17 - Maximize your creativity and quality for automotive HMIs, Hirotaka Suzuki, sdtech

HMI for automotive is getting more important and crucial area as vehicles are acquiring more advanced safety functions. Traditional development process of HMI has many issues, troubles and hassles, and many people just got used to it. One thing we need to remember is the fact that we have got used to the traditional development process of HIM at the cost of creativity, which is the most important ingredient of powerful HMI. The goal of HMI development is not to create something easy to implement, but to create something attracts users. To achieve this goal, we obviously need more appropriate development process of HMI, and many people are working on it. In this session, we propose a solution to maximize your creativity while guarantee productivity by combining a powerful toolchain, TRITO Linkage, and the powerful application framework, Qt. TRITO Linkage is a toolchain which consists of variety of plug-ins for many of Adobe applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate and standalone tools such as code generator. With TRITO Linkage, designers can easily bring their ideas to the real world, and they can hand the ideas to engineers without any hassle so that engineers can easily implement the application, thanks to the power of Qt framework. In the traditional development process of HMI, designers need to create spreadsheets to communicate with engineers and wait for a long time to see their design running in the real device. Why do we need spreadsheets to create design in the first place? TRITO Linkage and Qt will get rid of all of those unnecessary work, and let you focus on what you really need to focus on.