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LPWAN will make the IoT Revolution Real, Massimo Santoli, Gimasi at QtWS17

IoT devices have been around since a long time, but the multi-billion promise market explosion will really happen because we now have LPWAN networks. We will go through a brief overview of the major technologies which are currently available: LoRa / LoRaWAN SigFox NBIoT and its siblings ( LTE CATM1/NB1) And a new promising one: Weightless-P The presentation will highlight pros/cons of every technology. Showing how these technology will jumpstart the IoT market: Ultra Long Range and Ultra Low Power consumption ( battery duration counted in years ), will really make possible what wasn’t achievable just a couple of years ago. We will try to anticipate the trend showing similarities with the Internet Explosion of the late 90’s, and trying to identify similar patterns and identify which markets will be affected first. Initial phase HW Deployment – need sensors on the field Second phase will be the BigData and/or machine learning with all the data that has been collected.