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QtWS17 - Integrating out of process graphical content into a QtQuick scene, Giulio Camuffo, KDAB

When rendering expensive content, such as a car navigation view, inside a bigger UI it may be useful to split it in a separate process to avoid blocking the main application, achieving also better isolation and stability. The resulting content from the helper process needs to be then composited into the main application scene to be integrated with the other elements of the UI. If the helper renders using OpenGL however we don’t have a ready access to the pixels, and the naive approach of transferring them to CPU memory and sending them is very slow and not viable most of the times. This talk will present what are the approaches to achieve a fast, 0-copy transfer of the content from the helper process to the main one, using technologies such as Wayland and EGLStream, and how to integrate it in the QtQuick scene.