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QtWS17 - Gestures Handling in Qt, Bo Thorsen Viking Software

Today’s devices have powerful and complicated multi touch capabilities that application developers struggle to fully take advantage of. The gestures system in Qt provides a great way to offer the users exactly what they expect from a modern user interface. But powerful and complicated always present challenges for us developers, and it can be difficult to fully use the power that the gesture system in Qt offers. I have been part of a couple of very large gestures based UI projects lately, and in this presentation I will try to help you get a lot of the knowledge I have gathered in those and previous projects. I will show you – how to get started with the gestures, both with QML and widgets – how to add custom gestures handling – how events propagate in widgets – how mouse and touch work together – how to use your phone for testing multi touch – how to debug this type of code. We will also share some of the knowledge from working with different Qt versions, and other bits of knowledge picked up while working on real life projects with these classes. Gestures is a part of Qt that is not as well understood or as well handled as many other parts. But it’s vital in offering user interfaces that work like users of today understand.