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QtWS17 - First experience with Qt for Mobile: our journey, Bogdan Ogrean, FORTecH

As the smartphone slowly becomes a necessity (or is it already?) in our world, we are faced with the task of replicating the same app on multiple platforms. This always leads to development overhead: staffing, make sure all teams understood requirements and maintenance costs once the app is live. Trying to reduce this overhead we tried Qt for Mobile: its promise to run on multiple platforms and our previous experience with Qt made it an obvious choice. In this session, we will present our journey with Qt for Mobile. We started with a team without previous mobile development experience, and we’ll walk you through our journey in creating our first mobile app: the challenges we faced, the main points where Qt helped us, and where it got in our way. And how much the “Write Your App Once, Deploy It Everywhere” motto advertised by the Qt Company applies in our case.