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QtWS17 - Cut development time and cost with Qt and QML, Thomas Boutroue, Independent Qt Expert

First, a short demo of a quite complex app from the automotive/industrial field, developped by a single person in a very short time-span, followed by the details about the various technics that were used to achieve this performance : * Well-designed architecture (“Use Data-Oriented Programming when using QML”). There are a few basic rules that can prevent bad architecture decisions, and make the application codebase very easy/pleasant to work with, to fix it or make it evolve. Learn how to choose the right option at first try, without headaches ! * Well-thought helpers classes, macros, and templates (“That good-old Don’t Repeat Yourself thing, but one step farther”). While the statement “less code we have, better it is” is not totally true, there are non-negligible benefits we can take from keeping the code base small and comprehensive. Discover where the biggest part of this “avoidable code” stands, and how to eliminate it ! * Well-structured config files (“Use QML for much more than just UI”). The QML langage is immensly powerful and handy when creating appealing UI and animations, with QtQuick or Qt3D. But do you know that the langage itself and its engine make a very flexible configuration / extension system, that comes with nearly zero-cost, given your app already uses QtQuick ? Come and see what non-graphical QML can do for you! This speak will showcase the huge potential of Qt & QML when it comes to future-proof software development, with cut-down time to market. It can be equally useful and informative for developers (no matter if they are new to Qt and/or QML, or if they used it for long time) and for deciders (to take the measure of the nice things they can create with constrained team and means).