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QtWS17 - Complex Event Processing of An Electric Car In A Simple Way, Müge Kural, Eteration

In this talk we will present a unique dashboard for a prototype electric car that is used for displaying basic information such as motor functionalities, speed, charging visualization, as well as novel real-time data visualization for our embedded data stream processor with complex event processing capabilities. The dashboard is developed using Qt framework and graphics. Qt helps us with its simple and beautiful interfaces and back-end services. This dashboard is more than a graphical interface, demonstrating the use of embedded complex event processing (CEP) engine as a new layer in dashboard systems. The complete system is also built and run on a raspberry pi with a light-weight Linux, which has been optimized for faster boot time and reliable operations. CEP engine provides the management of complex myriad data of an EV by executing the given rule sets and produces the higher level outputs. These rule sets can be remotely managed. Real-time EV data is retrieved via Canbus, processed by CEP, visualized by QT dashboard and published to the cloud environment. The ability to publish to cloud and event processing allows remote monitoring as well as immediate feedback thru the dashboard. The communication is two-way, event from cloud can also be reflected as feedback on the Qt dashboard. This life-cycle extends the mission of a car dashboard and makes the car part of a larger smart machine as well as possible remote administration.