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QtWS17 - Applying Spatial Analytics to Unlock the Power of your Data, Eric Bader, Esri

Data is the key ingredient for powering any successful business. Applying geospatial analytics to your business’s data brings greater, more “actionable” value to any business data process. There’s a geographic science to it. This is the Science of ‘Where’. Qt developers in any industry have C++ and QML APIs available to them for integrating the power of spatial analytics and the science of ‘Where’ into advanced data computing systems built on the Qt platform, in any format. This session will talk about how to apply some of the more common spatial analysis tools and techniques for solutions in any industry or domain. Demonstrations and examples will be in the context of real world scenarios where data analysis is used to support real business decisions. These tools and techniques can be applied at any geographic scale, work in both visual and non-visual contexts (with or without a map), in both 2D and 3D views, on any device or form factor, and in both connected and disconnected environments.