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QtWS16- Introducing Qt Visual Studio Tools, Maurice Kalinowski, The Qt Company

Day 2 at QtWS16, Maurice Kalinowski, The Qt Company "Introducing Qt Visual Studio Tools" Many Qt users enjoyed the benefits of the Qt Visual Studio AddIn provided for various Visual Studio versions, starting with Visual Studio 2010. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to deprecate the API to implement an AddIn a while ago and completely removed this functionality with Visual Studio 2015. This caused a significant break in developer experience for those users who have been relying on the Qt Visual Studio Addin. Hence, the Qt Company has been working on the Qt Visual Studio Tools, which will replace the previous Visual Studio AddIn. As the Qt Visual Studio Tools have been recently released (Note to committee: According to current roadmap), the Qt World Summit is the perfect moment to introduce it to the audience. The speaker will highlight the workflow of installing and getting started with the Qt Visual Studio Tools. Following to this, differences to the previous Visual Studio AddIn will be discussed as well as new features presented. In addition to this, a couple of features for developers on the Universal Windows platform have been introduced, helping to integrate Qt deeper into the platform and enhancing the developer experience on this platform. Lastly, the presentation will talk about future items on the Roadmap for the Qt Visual Studio Tools as well as open a discussion about missing features for the audience. Learn more about Qt at