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Developing User Interfaces with Qt Quick Controls 2, The Qt Company

Qt World Summit 2016: Qt Quick is a UI framework that enables development of user interfaces using a declarative language. It is built on a dedicated scene graph based on OpenGL that fully utilizes the GPU. Using primitive building blocks, you can create custom, animated user interfaces with full control over every pixel.

Qt Quick Controls 2 complements Qt Quick by providing higher level templates for common UI elements such as buttons and sliders. The template system was designed for visualising controls with a minimal amount of effort, which leads to excellent performance on any platform. It comes with ready-made styles that fill in the templates. Examples of these styles are Google’s Material and Microsoft’s Universal designs. 
This talk will take a look behind the scenes and explain the implementation and how we achieved good performance on low-end devices, as well as how to style an application.
Shawn Rutledge, Software Engineer, The Qt Company