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Revolutionizing the Automation Industry, CELOS Heitec, DMG Mori by Lorenz Haas

Qt World Summit 2016: CELOS is currently revolutionizing the automation industry. It brings a modern and consistent user interface to DMG MORI’s machines providing an intuitive and easy machine operation. By having multiple APPs grouped in categories such as Production or Support each with a single concise scope, CELOS APPs break apart the former monolithic approach. That way the machine operator is guided efficiently and comfortably through a highly complex world, saving up to 30% machine idle time while getting his work done up to twice as fast. This talk will show how HEITEC has assisted its partner DMG MORI in ramping this enormous project up in a relatively short time. Qt has played a key role in this process. It is easy to use and to learn, so that HEITEC’s practiced C/C++ programmers had no difficulty getting familiar with Qt and developed themselves into proficient Qt programmers quickly. Qt’s clear API and terrific documentation further eases the integration of new colleagues into CELOS. This talk will also cover CELOS’ strength and benefits in the area referred to as Industry 4.0. To illustrate, CELOS is horizontally integrated by splitting a job into the creation and information-providing phase (done by the APP JOB MANAGER), the planning phase (JOB SCHEDULER), and it’s actual production phase (JOB ASSISTANT). Through it’s connectivity to enterprise resource planning tools, CELOS is integrated vertically into the workflow as well. At the talk’s end you will see an exemplary work flow of CELOS showing it’s beauty.” Lorenz Haas, Heitec AG "CELOS: Revolutionizing the Automation Industry" Watch more at