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QtWS15- The Internet of Things, What Is It And Why Should I Care, Jeff Tranter, ICS

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY The Internet of Things: What Is It And Why Should I Care? : Gartner, Inc. recently forecast that 4.9 billion connected devices will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and the number will reach 25 billion by 2020. They describe the Internet of Things (IoT) as "a powerful force for business transformation, and its disruptive impact will be felt across all industries and all areas of society." What exactly is IoT? As a software developer, does it really represent something new? In this presentation I will give an overview of IoT, including: - What IoT is and is not - Terminology - Example products - Projected growth and market opportunities - What does it mean to software developers? - Popular hardware platforms - Key protocols, hardware technologies, and software frameworks - Relevance to Qt - Challenges and criticisms (e.g. security and privacy issues) - References to learn more While this talk will be primarily aimed at developers, it will not be highly technical. Video by Qt Company and greenwoodworx,