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QtWS15- Rising Trends in 3D in user interfaces, Sami Makkonen, The Qt Company

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Rising Trends in 3D in user interfaces: For the past 20 years, Qt has delivered all the tools and libraries for creating the best possible user experience for your end users, from classic desktop look-and-feel to fluent, modern touch-based user interfaces. Today, the future of UIs is pointing towards 3D. We are seeing unprecedented development in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality both in display technologies and 3D depth sensing of the surrounding environment. Combining these enables immersive user experiences as we have already seen in products like Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift. Also the user interaction will change as gesture interaction with 3D elements is providing a more natural way of interacting with 3D objects. It has been possible to integrate 3D content with Qt UIs easily. Starting from Qt 5.5 creating and integrating 3D content is even easier with the new 3D modules: Qt Canvas3D and Qt 3D. Canvas3D enables you to leverage the innovation around WebGL and utilize JavaScript 3D libraries such as three.js. This enables easy sharing of 3D content and functionality for example across web and native applications. Qt3D on the other hand provides an extensible, flexible and data driven architecture which enables quickly implementing any rendering pipeline. This talk highlights the use cases we see now and in the future around 3D and introduces how Qt is meeting the needs of the modern 3D user interfaces. The focus of the talk is more on the use of 3D instead of the underlying technology and code.