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QtWS15- QtWebEngine – Taming the beast, Kai Köhne, The Qt Company

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY QtWebEngine – Taming the beast: QtWebEngine let you access the features and raw power of a leading web browser platform (Chromium) through convenient Qt API. First released with Qt 5.4, Qt WebEngine features both a Qt Widget and a Qt Quick integration to render regions of dynamic web content. With Qt 5.5 and upcoming Qt 5.6, we updated the included Chromium version, and added new API to allow a deeper integration into existing apps. In this hands-on talk we will have a look at what you should know to make the most out of QtWebEngine. We'll have a detailed look at how Qt WebEngine is integrated in the QWidget and QML graphics stacks, and how to make sure to get the best performance. We also learn about convenient ways to profile and debug the web part of your application. Finally, we will have a look at new APIs introduced in Qt 5.5 and the upcoming Qt 5.6 We will discuss best practices to integrate web content with the C+ and QML world; now and as we move into the future.