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QtWS15- QtMozEmbed Embedding Gecko with Qt 5, Siteshwar Vashisht, Red Hat & Raine Mäkeläinen, Jo

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY QtMozEmbed: Embedding Gecko with Qt5: QtMozEmbed is an open source project, started by Oleg Romashin, that is built upon Embedlite embedding API to embed the Gecko web browser engine to Qt applications. The QtMozEmbed can be divided into two main components; context and view. The context is the one that starts the Gecko web browser engine by starting the gecko message loop. Through the context API user can set and read preferences and subscribe to observe browser global JSON message for instance about download status. The view provides necessary APIs to implement basic browsing functions like loading urls, and going back and forth in web pages. In addition, it maps Qt events (mouse, touch, key, input, and focus) to gecko events or Embedlite embedding API calls. Furthermore, it provides low level asynchronous JSON API to register message listeners, receive messages from the engine, and respond to the messages. You can register to listen messages about alerts, warnings, confirms, prompts, authentication dialogs, password management, single and multi select, location request, and so forth. So the view component is not responsible for rendering web prompts only the web content itself. In this talk we focus to the low level JSON APIs provided by the QtMozEmbed that allows flexible integration to a QML user interface.