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QtWS15- Qt on iOS A to Z, Mike Krus, KDAB

Qt on iOS A to Z: Since version 5.2, Qt has been available on iOS. In this talk, we go through the process of building a simple QML application, run in the simulator, deploy to a device, push to the app store. We first look at the creator project and settings that are specific to iOS such as targeted devices, SDKs, required capabilities, etc. We also look at Qt Creator tooling related to simulator and devices deployment. We will also mention where Xcode is still needed, such as the initial code signing setup and the App Store submission process. After looking at a simple QML app, we investigate the coverage Qt relative to the native capabilities. In particular we'll focus on text editing, keyboard customising, keyboard avoidance, accessing the sensors (location, orientation, camera), etc. Then we look at how integrating with the native toolkits for accessing feature not covered by the QML layer. Using Objective C++ and Qt's iOS specific integration layer, we show how to access features from UIKit, and other native libraries. Finally, we will look at setting up projects to build shared components based on Qt in order to builds app extensions. Video by Qt Company and greenwoodworx,