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QtWS15- Practical aspects of crash reporting, analytics and connectivity, Attila Csipa, PulseOn oy

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Practical aspects of crash reporting, analytics and connectivity challenges of connected device development: The session will go into technical details on what challenges were encountered during the development of a high-end optical heart-rate monitor device (PulseOn) and what technologies (both Qt and other) were used to overcome those challenges. The session will focus on three areas: - Analytics - an introduction to purely Qt-based open source analytics solution using Google Analytics as a back-end (without using any Google SDK or library). Code will be shown how to enable logging and tracking of user activities and various operational parameters of the device, and how it can be done for both QML and C++ code. - Crash reporting - how to create and utilize external crash reporting tools that work well with Qt even on mobile platforms (on the example of using CoffeeCatch on Android) - Connectivity - Bluetooth connectivity considerations, challenges, tips and tricks for interfacing with BT SPP and BT LE enabled connected devices (especially in the light of the new BT LE API launched with Qt5.4), and also SPI/I2C for smaller, wire-connected devices Finally, the three aspects will be demonstrated live on the example of the PulseOn data collection application and how they can make device development and deployment less guesswork and more a controlled process to develop quality hardware and software.