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QtWS15- Lightning Talk, Qt & Mapbox, Konstantin Käfer, Mapbox

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Mapbox GL is a powerful, open rendering framework for native and mobile devices with a focus on custom data and complete map styling. Now developers can have the most detailed maps sourced from ever-updating OpenStreetMap data, as well as the ability to fully control the style and brand to design maps that perfectly match their app. This is all done using our new on-device vector renderer, which uses OpenGL ES 2.0 technology for pixel-perfect map design, from antialiased fonts to polygon blurring, all hardware-accelerated and optimised for mobile devices — and all on the fly. We ported Mapbox GL to Qt, which was fast and easy due to Qt’s power and flexibility. In this talk we’d like to expose the API by going through the features using the live demo as example.