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QtWS15- Lightning Talk, Qt 3D CAD demo, Paul Lemire, KDAB

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Building Desktop and Embedded Uis with Qt 3D: Qt3D is available as a Technology Preview with Qt 5.5 and is targeting Qt 5.6 for an initial release. Qt3D provides C++ and QML APIs to allow the easy creation and integration of compelling 3D content in your Qt-based applications without having to invest time into writing a generic 3D renderer. In this live coding session we will show how to use Qt3D along with other Qt facilities to create an impressive modern user interface that combines OpenGL-based 3D content with a Qt Quick 2 user interface. We will also show techniques for integrating this with backend business logic. This session will cover the Qt3D object model and hierarchical scene graph to manage nested transformations; custom materials and shaders that can be used to achieve just the look you are after; how to create and import new geometry into your virtual world; and how to get good performance using modern GPU features. The renderer in Qt3D is completely configurable from QML and C++ APIs by means of providing a so-called, framegraph. This allows Qt3D to be configured dynamically at runtime to control the OpenGL pipeline to achieve customised rendering algorithms, special effects and post processing. We will demonstrate some interesting ways of using this flexibility within the application being built. Qt3D provides more than a 3D renderer. It is also a general purpose, soft-realtime simulation framework built on top of a highly multithreaded architecture. We will introduce some of the concepts and architecture and show how to extend Qt3D to incorporate your own features as 1st class citizens in Qt3D. Video by Qt Company and greenwoodworx,