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QtWS15 - Lightning Talk - Efficient Qt 3D asset pipeline, Laszlo Agocs

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Lightning Talk- Efficient Qt 3D asset pipeline for embedded / mobile platforms: One of the goals of Qt 3D is to make it easy and efficient to get your 3D assets imported into the scene. However, huge models in a text-based format often lead to performance issues: loading times on a potentially low-powered and I/O bound embedded board can easily become unacceptable. In this talk we will take a sneak peek at Qt 3D’s support for glTF, a work-in-progress runtime asset format for OpenGL endorsed by Khronos, and the extensions, tools, and build system integration that allow painlessly and transparently converting your assets into glTF while deploying them as compressed Qt resources by merely adding a few lines into your project’s .pro file.