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QtWS15- Get to know the Qt Installer Framework, Kai Köhne, The Qt Company

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Get to know the Qt Installer Framework: The Qt libraries allow you to conveniently write code that runs on different platforms. However, the native channels for distributing your application (application stores, native installers, repository managers ...) do differ a lot, which makes shipping a complex application on different platforms a challenge. The Qt Installer Framework was developed to solve this issue for the Qt SDK. However, it is a generic framework that can be also used for any installer and updater that targets OS X, Windows or Linux. You can create purely offline, online, and mixed installers, and ship online updates without relying on third party services. It contains a full-blown dependency manager that manages to solve complex package dependencies. It's scripting capabilities allow you to tweak both the installer UI, as well as take additional actions on (un)installation. In the presentation we will outline the strengths and weaknesses of the Qt Installer Framework. In this hands-on part we will have a closer look at individual Qt Installer Framework capabilities, showing you how to solve the most common tasks. After the presentation you will be aware of what the Qt Installer Framework is and what its capabilities are. You will also be able to make an informed decision on whether to use it for a particular application. Video by Qt Company and greenwoodworx,