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QtWS15- Building Location Analytics, and Mapping into Your Apps, Michael Tims, ESRI

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Building Location Analytics and Mapping into Your Apps: Geolocation is a must-have element of any modern application design today. More and more applications are becoming location-aware, and the demand for geographic content, maps and functionality in mission-critical workflows is increasing all the time. Developers need complete geolocation APIs and SDKs to build apps that can visualize and analyze maps and mapping data, and support the end user in making the most informative decisions in any situation. These SDKs must be productive, in that they are easy and intuitive to develop applications and solutions with. They must be able to build great user experiences, intuitive, easy to use, GUI and non GUI-based apps that are versatile enough to work with geo-enabled Web Services as well as data and maps that reside locally on a device, simultaneously. These are just some of the key elements that today’s app developers need in a developer toolset. Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt is a developer kit that provides all of the crucial tools and APIs for building great location-aware apps. It extends the Qt framework to assist in creating highly functional apps that can have both rich mapping and analytical capabilities, optimized to run on multiple platforms and devices, from Android, Mac and iOS devices to Windows and Linux desktops and embedded systems. This presentation discusses and demonstrates Esri’s rich, geospatial Runtime Qt SDK. Demonstrated capabilities include: - Mapping and Visualization - Collecting, editing and managing geographic business data, online or offline Video by Qt Company and greenwoodworx,