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QtWS15- Big Data and the Future of Business, Kenneth Cukier, The Economist, Keynote

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY KEYNOTE: Big Data and the Future of Business Strategy We used to build IT systems with a primary purpose in mind: accounting software did bookkeeping; medical-device software controlled equipment. It was about taking activities that existed in an analog or mechanical form, and replicating them in a digital setting. But today this is just the foundation: the real action is in designing systems that also collect data on operations and user interactions to learn -- and to unleash new forms of economic value. As software systems manage more aspects of everyday life, the role of big data and artificial intelligence will be crucial. In a fun, engaging talk filled with real-life examples, Kenneth Cukier, the data editor of The Economist and coauthor of the book "Big Data," explains how IT and corporate leaders can reimagine their business through the clever collection and use of data.