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QtWS15- Behavior Driven GUI Testing of Embedded, Mobile and Desktop Qt HMIs, Reginald Stadlbauer, fr

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY Behavior Driven GUI Testing of Embedded, Mobile and Desktop Qt HMIs: The quality assurance of software projects with graphical user interfaces, esp. in multi-platform environment such as Qt, often reveals the weaknesses of a development process. Did developers and testers work towards a common goal? Does the result satisfy the customer's needs and requirements? How do the different parties communicate in case of disagreement? The problem often lies in overwhelming specification documents which developers do not follow. Testers may work totally disconnected from development. And customers only see the end results. The Behavior Driven Testing and Development approach attempts to solve this problem. With the established standard language Gherkin, described features and scenarios are understandable for technical and non-technical members. This provides a common language for all involved parties and a single document which serves as specification, documentation and tests - manual or automated. The presentation will illustrate this method in detail and show how it can be successfully applied to Qt projects spanning from Desktop to Mobile and Embedded. The focus of the presentation will be the cross-platform Qt GUI test automation of the defined features and scenarios. The presentation will conclude with a live demonstration showing how the discussed approach has been successfully used in a real world Qt HMI project.