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Qt & Yocto, an ECU development workflow

Bringing Qt to a graphical embedded device (ECU) is “mostly” easy. Creating a workflow that coordinates the multi-team development of a full ECU software is a completely different story, though. The scenario I am discussing in this talk has the following characteristics: There is an actively developed hardware and board support package, there is a platform team to provide a development framework for applications as well as applications for base services, and there are (in-house & external) application teams that work on top of everything. The whole development approach follows an agile setup. This talk focuses on how Yocto and Qt can be used to create and control such a workflow. The complexity of such a project not only lies in the team setup but also in the integration of the individual software parts. Having several graphical applications requires a window compositor as a base application. Developers need the compositor in order to develop and test their applications. As the BSP and the base software is constantly being developed it is necessary to coordinate the development of the application and the platform as SDK (BSP + base software). Incremental integration of the ECU software allows subsequent development teams to create their software. My focus lies on the different technologies that can make such a development setup work. In my talk, Yocto is the central technology that coordinates the development and integration workflow. It is used to generate development and production images for different stages of the development process (application developers, testers, integration testers). The application development is based on the Yocto “Standard SDK” and the (unmodified) QtCreator as default IDE. With the help of QtCreator Kits, the Yocto SDKs can be used without any manual configurations. Reflecting on my project experiences, I will show how several open source technologies can be used to create a well-fitting workflow that solves a very complex development problem. 

TALK: ECU Development Workflow with Qt & Yocto

SPEAKER: Andreas Cord Landwehr


TRACK: Automotive 

Talk recorded at the Qt World Summit 2019 event in Berlin. #QtWS19 November 2019 - BCC