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Qt for Beginners Part 1: Overview & Key Concepts

Download the latest Qt for a test drive at: ICS is pleased to bring you this introductory 4 part webinar series that will introduce students to the Qt framework. Each webinar, one of our seasoned engineers will give an overview of a specific aspect of the Qt framework. In this first webinar, we will cover key concepts including the core classes, Qt’s object model, signals and slots and event handling. A basic knowledge of the C++ programming language is required, but the webinar will include a short refresher on the required C++ and object-oriented concepts needed to use Qt. It is also recommended that those wishing to learn from this series, attend each webinar in succession. Here are the topics to be presented for Part 1: Agenda: * Features of Qt * History of Qt * C++ Refresher * Hello World Application * Core classes: String Handling, Container Classes, File Handling * Objects: Qt's Object Model, Variants, Properties * Object Communication: Signals & Slots, Event Handling * Q&A