Lufthansa Technik takes Qt into the skies - Built with Qt and KDAB

April 6, 2020

For VIP and business aircrafts, »nice« is the industry standard in cabin management and in-flight entertainment developed by Lufthansa Technik with Qt and KDAB. Their systems are designed for simplicity, convenience, and pleasure. »nice« brings a human touch back to the flying experience, with high-end technology. Moving from multiple native approaches to Qt and QML has enabled them to develop their reddot design award winning in-cabin environment with immersive user experiences used by VIP, government and business jets like Bombardier. Their system features wireless media playback on all mobile devices, a unique touch dial, featuring business aviation's first application of an OLED display, a personal control unit, a 7" pop-up display delivering an immersive video experience combined with full cabin control, a wireless system controller and a lot more. To read more about their system you can check it out here: To see more Built with Qt Customer cases, check out our resource center: To learn more about KDAB, check out their website: To learn more about Qt, check out our website:

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