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Leveraging Human Factors Testing to Develop Better MedTech Products {On demand webinar}

Usability is at the core of every product. After all, if a product is difficult, clumsy, or non-intuitive to use, people won’t be likely to adopt it. The medical industry is no exception. In fact, it adds two more layers to the usability requirements: safety and effectiveness. To account for the human factor, testing has become a requirement in the medical industry. But is this a just another tedious regulatory hoop standing in the way of innovation, or is it an opportunity to create a better product that company’s should take anyway? In this webinar, we are joined by Bruce Johnston, Software Specialist at Medacuity, and we will learn how human factors testing can improve the usability and safety of our products in the medical sector and beyond. Speakers: Roger Mazella, Senior Product Manager, The Qt Company Bruce Johnston, Software Specialist, Medacuity Visit www,qt,io/medical