From Photoshop to Prototype with Qt Design Studio {On-demand webinar}

September 12, 2018
Deploy your UI/UXs faster and easier with Qt Design Studio. Learn how to import design elements from Photoshop with UI/UX Designer Brook Cronin, and discover the most effective features to start your UI project with fellow designers and developers using Qt UI Design Tools. We will dive into the process of importing your psd assets to Qt Design Studio, turning them into QML code, and creating timeline-based animations. You will get: - Step-by-step instructions on how to turn your Photoshop assets into (re)usable UI design code - An interactive design & deployment classroom session with Q&A - An exclusive sneak peek at the official Qt Design Studio 1.0 version - Downloadable .psd files to follow along with the course To follow the steps from your computer, you will need to: - Download these .psd files - Have Qt Design studio installed (1.0 snapshot version) - Have Photoshop installed

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