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Enabling Next Generation Drug Discoveryℹ Schrödinger’s Qt-built computational platform revolutionizes drug discovery Computationally predicting an effective drug molecule is an extremely challenging problem with over fifty years of significant research. Overcoming the scientific and computing limitations has attracted the vast majority of effort in the field, but progress is often also limited by many other factors: usability, code portability, and code maintenance. For more than 10 years Qt has enabled Schrödinger with its powerful framework to build solutions to overcome these problems. From HPC computing applications to powerful user interfaces, Qt continues to help Schrödinger deliver solutions to scientists. Watch how Schrödinger used Qt to create a computational platform to design novel chemical compounds. The solution is much faster and cost-effective than traditional approaches, and leading pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, and electronics companies worldwide use it to accelerate innovation. Watch all QtWS sessions at Visit Qt