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Creating Smart Devices with Qt on the NXP i.MX RT series

Ultimate Graphical Performance on NXP Microcontrollers with Qt for MCUs Get started with Qt for MCUs on the NXP i.MX RT series! For the past 25 years, Qt has been the leading independent technology used to develop rich graphical applications on millions of devices running on microprocessors. With the recently announced Qt for MCUs product, you can now also develop rich graphical applications for microcontrollers using Qt’s industry-leading tools and libraries. In this live webinar, our friends at NXP join us to give an overview of their i.MX RT series of crossover MCUs while we’ll take you through the process of writing, running and deploying high performance, yet lightweight Qt applications for the NXP i.MX RT1050 evaluation kit. Webinar Overview: - Introduction to Qt for MCUs - Overview of NXP's i.MX RT Crossover MCUs - Qt for MCUs demo: Installation, project creation, writing, deploying and debugging an application To follow the steps live on screen, you will want to have: - A Qt for MCUs (evaluation) license - An NXP RT1050 evaluation kit Speakers: - Yoann Lopes, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, The Qt Company - Mario Centeno, Product Marketing Manager, NXP MCUs