QtWS17 - An IVI-System for Smart Buses developed with Qt/QML, Muhammet Ali Asan, STM

October 25, 2017

We are excited to see smart vehicles’ taking part in our life day by day. As well as private cars, public transport vehicles are evolving as intelligent machines. Of course, modern infotainment systems are regarded as crucial part of this evolution. In this text, we will present an In-Vehicle-Infotainment System software developed by Turkey’s one top-tier software and engineering consultancy vendor STM Defense Technologies&Engineering Inc. for Turkey’s first smart bus, Avenue IBUS, manufactured by TEMSA ,leading bus, coach and light truck manufacturer,which exports buses to 64 countries. The vehicle carries a telemetry system with built in 3G modem to share instant vehicle data with the control center and external infotainment system for the driver. An automotive-grade Android IVI system communicates with vehicles telemetry and watchdog over Ethernet. It shows driver status of the vehicle including brake lining thickness, oil temperature, faults in components, driving efficiency and some driving statistics. The software is developed for Android under both OS X and Windows environment leveraging seamless development with Qt Creator and is able to run on different platforms. Software’s user interface benefits from QML allowing us simply and quickly develop the screen-size independent animated interface, present multi-language UI with help of Q Translator and handle program logic in C++ back-end. The tablet has no Internet connection and is powered by ignition switch thus always subjects to a power outage. System time requires reset on every reboot as no Internet is available. With Qt it is possible to set GPS time of Android system once the connection with telemetry is established. This Internet isolated software is able to check if any update available through local network with telemetry. If there is, the update file is downloaded from telemetry and is installed automatically with a few lines of code thanks to Qt. In short, this talk will present audience the Android IVI System developed and how system settings, updates without direct Internet connection is managed easily with Qt without using Java.

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