SSL/TLS in Qt: Introduction to wolfSSL

Qt has traditionally used OpenSSL as the provider for SSL/TLS in Qt Network for secure network communications. Qt developers who are looking for a lightweight, progressive, and well-tested SSL/TLS implementation will be happy to learn how Qt can be used with the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library.

Speaker: Chris Conlon, Engineering Manager, wolfSSL

wolfSSL provides progressive SSL/TLS protocol support up to TLS 1.3, maintains a minimal memory footprint, and focuses on extensive testing to reduce bugs and vulnerabilities. This session will provide an overview of wolfSSL and advantages it brings to Qt developers when used in place of OpenSSL. Attendees will gain insight into how they can build Qt with wolfSSL, learn about the current state of SSL/TLS and the cryptography algorithms it uses, and have a chance to ask the experts about their SSL/TLS questions.

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