Introduction to Shiboken, the Qt for Python C++ Wrapper

Due to technical issues this video did not get recorded and is using a QtWS20 recording with similar content.

Shiboken is the Python binding generator used to create the PySide module of Qt for Python, enabling users to access the power of the Qt C++ API from Python. But it also can be used directly by users to create their own Python bindings. This talk will review the process of generating a Python module for accessing your own C++ library with Shiboken, and why it might be a good choice for creating bindings when working on a Qt-derived application.

Speaker: Sharon Woods, Senior Software Engineer, The Qt Company

Sharon Woods is a Senior Software Engineer in the Qt Company’s Professional Services who discovered the possibilities of Shiboken while working on Qt for Python projects for customers. She is based out of the Boston, MA office and has been developing applications for research and commercial customers for 20 years.

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