C++ to QML Animations



Fluid UI Animations are the heart and soul of all modern User Interfaces. This webinar, aimed at Qt C++ programmers, looks at how the QML Animation element encapsulates this. We look at how to trigger animations as values change and how to trigger a bunch of animations when application states change. Finally, we go beyond Animations to look into the Animator classes, what they are and when to use them.

Speaker: Rebecca Worledge, Consulting Engineer, Qt Professional Services, The Qt Company

Becky Worledge has been working in the Qt Professional Services team since 2011. Initially based in Oulu, Finland, she relocated to Santa Clara California in 2015. For the last year she has been working in a UI team that included several designers. This meant recreating a lot of amazing designs directly in the Qt parts, so when she heard about QtLottie, well, she was intrigued.

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