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STM32 Accelerating the HMI of Things with Qt & TouchGFX {On-demand webinar}

October 27, 2020

Devices featuring connected and smartphone-like user experiences are quickly becoming an industry standard. Hard-pressed development teams face major challenges when ensuring that these advanced UI/UXs accommodate growing user-centric demands. With Qt and TouchGFX, the ST ecosystem can easily deliver more rich, smooth and colorful graphical interfaces to accelerate the HMI-of-Things across ST products from MCUs to MPUs.

Learn about:
    •    Best practices for an optimal Design-Development workflow
    •    How to leverage differing technologies - Qt and TouchGFX – to fit your use case
    •    How to create high performance GUIs to run on ST hardware (ranging from STM32 MCUs up to MPUs)

Qt is a powerful application and UI design framework used to build the technology in millions of vehicles, medical, and consumer devices. The Qt Company and STMicroelectronics have collaborated for many years to accelerate graphics solutions and ensure excellent user experience for ST device creators.

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